What's Plant Hub all about?

Plant Hub is also a small food company that creates whole food quality and plant based products with respect and understanding of nature as a core.

Born through the experience of the restaurant and cafe based in Hackney,  London, it has developed itself into a research and production centre for plant food exploration and development, working with organic, local and curated ingredients, to bring comfort food to the next level. 

Keeping simple, easy to make for everyone, and fun!



Having started his blog, Salad Pride, about making salads at his desk. At a time while healthy food was unaccusable, David brought his own ingredients into the office to make nutritious lunches. He began a blog in 2010 about his recipes which turned into international books called SaladLove, Breakfast Love and Supper Love.
This love for healthy food led him to open Pride Kitchen café in Covent Garden serving plant powered lunches to the people of Central London.


Co-founder Antonio AKA @therainbow_chef is a baking wizard and classically trained chef, having run kitchens for some years and with his culinary background firmly based in his home, Sicily.


The Plant Hub
Restaurant and Cafe.

The Plant Hub is a plant based, gluten free and organic Restaurant and Natural Wine Bar based in Hackney, London.

We have created a space where we can research plant based food excellence and in the same time serve comfort plant based food. 

We use local and seasonal ingredients, we support local farmers (like Wild Country Organics, The Wild Room, Duchess Fams) and local producers (like IAMNUTOKHackney Gelato, Hodmedods, Hackney Herbal and many more)

We try to make an impact by doing conscious food decisions everyday, by staying local, by being waste aware (free is not possible - we are realistic), choosing as much as possible organic, fair, suffering free ingredients and by being as much as possible mindful and smart. 

We believe that great veggies can do the difference.
So, give veggies a chance.