Rainbow Smoked Nomelette “Pancake”

Rainbow Smoked Nomelette “Pancake”

Smoked Paprika Nomelette, courgette, red & yellow bell pepper, red cabbage, carrot, mushrooms, kimchi, green onion, and bulgogi sauce.

Servings: 2

It makes 6 small (about 10 to 12 cm) pancakes. 


smoked pancake butter 

150 gr filtered water

125 gr smoked paprika Nomelette dry mix

45 gr extra virgin olive oil

30 gr Kimchi
30 gr courgette, finely sliced
30 gr red bell pepper, finely sliced
30 gr yellow bell pepper, finely sliced
30 gr red cabbage, finely sliced
15 gr diced mushrooms
2 greens onions, finely sliced

Extra virgin olive oil, to cook the pancakes 

Plant Hub Bulgogi sauce

Toasted white sesame seeds
Maldon flakes salt 
Gochugaru (Korean chili flakes)
Coriander leaves


In a medium bowl whisk water, Smoked Paprika Nomelette dry mix, water, and olive oil until well combined. The batter should be thicker than a crepe batter. 

Add the kimchi with the rest of the sliced veggies and mix.  

Heat 1 teaspoon of olive oil in a non-stick pan and spread evenly around the pan over medium-high heat.

Ladle ⅙ of the mixture (⅓ cup) into the pan and spread it evenly into a round shape. 

Cook until the bottom is golden brown ( 2 – 3 minutes). Reduce the heat to medium if the pancake is browning too fast. 

Turn it over and cook for another 3 or 3 minutes. Repeat the process with the remaining batter. 

Serve hot off the pan with Plant Hub Bulgogi sauce, toasted sesame seeds, salt, Gochugaru, and coriander leaves.  

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