Plant Three

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Plant Three is the class every entrepreneur wished they had the opportunity to experience!

A class for those who are looking to start their own food business and are looking for the support and expertise to get them there.

This Class builds on the techniques in Plant One and Two. Created for anyone with a business concept or idea they hope to bring to reality.

This is an immersive culinary experience with guest lectures, nutritionists and pioneers joining us throughout the program to spark new ideas and support your learning and offer a wealth of knowledge to inspire you culinary journey 

Plant Three Details

The Aim of Plant Three is to leave you with the support and inspiration you need to take your idea to another level. Whether it's a pop up dining brand, product or physical space. This class will walk you through the ins and outs of setting up.

If you join without taking other levels there will be an induction day.


This class runs for 10 days from 9:30 - 4:30.

(See dates at the bottom of this page)

Throughout the class there will be team meals arranged in the evenings, farmers market visits, trips to producers and many extra curricular opportunities to get involved with.

  1. Intro and future thinking recipes
  2. Lectures from brand leaders and concept generation
  3. Costing intro and recipes
  4. Marketing and development
  5. Production execution and mass production
  6. Work on projects use of kitchen
  7. Work on projects with guest lectures. Test run
  8. Lecture and projects
  9. Projects
  10. Presentation project line and pitch to a panel


On completing this class students will receive a Plant Academy certificate, the opportunity to test their product and get detailed feedback and leave as part of a supported community there to help you on your business journey.


The Plant Academy, 217 Mare street


27th January - 6th February 2020



£1650 for 10 days including recipes, trips and plant academy uniform. If you book Two levels together receive 15% off and if you book all three 30% off the total price


£1650 for 10 days including recipes, trips and plant academy chef kit. If you book Two levels together receive 15% off and if you book all three 30% off the total price.


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