Herbalism for Life X Hackney Herbal

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Promoting wellbeing through herbs This Three part series guides you though innovative and delicious ways to use herbs for every day life. 

Hosted by local herbalist Nat Mady - founder of Hackney Herbal - a social enterprise specialising in creative events which explore the beneficial uses of herbs. We run a variety of herb-related activities in Hackney promoting mental health and wellbeing within the local community. 


Part 1 - Herbal Infusions

28th May

This workshop will guide you through the properties of a range of culinary, medicinal and wild herbs and how to combine them into unique blends. You will learn how different herbs can be used to make remedies including herbs that aid digestion, boost the immune system and help with sleep. You'll get to blend your own creations during the class and make a set of herbal tea bags to take home.


Part 2 - Herbal Skincare

4th June

This workshop will guide you through the process of harnessing the skin nourishing properties of herbs. You will learn how to create your own skin products by infusing your own oils. We will guide you through the steps to make your own skin and lip balm using oils, waxes and essential oils. You will get to make your own personalised balm to take home. 


Part 3 - Herbal Tonics

11th June

This workshop will guide you through the principles of using herbs as tonics to restore balance and recharge our bodies. We will be discussing the benefits of using herbs at different times in the year and how to harness their properties to make seasonal remedies for common ailments. We will also teach you about some the freely available wild herbs that you can forage for. You will get to make your own infused herbal vinegar by choosing from a selection of locally grown and foraged fresh herbs.


Tickets are £45 Per session Including Recipes, herbs to take home and a Plant based feast laced with herbs. 


Taking place from 6:30pm - 9:30pm

With a price of £120 if you Book all three.