Food for a Happy Gut with Naomi Devlin

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We are so excited to be welcoming Naomi Devlin to The Plant Academy. 

Naomi is a nutrition expert, professional cook, author of River Cottage Gluten free and her premier book 'Food for a Happy Gut'. She holds workshops down in the west country and is a specialist in healing the microbiome.

Over this insightful two days we will look at how the gut works, ways to calm the gut and also feed up those all important microbes - depending on your individual needs. We learn about probiotics, prebiotics, anti-inflammatories and look at tonics to aid digestion. After exploring some simple techniques for mindfulness and getting your body in the right place to eat, we will make a delicious gut friendly lunch that changes according to season, sample lots of fermented food and drink, make some digestive bitters and some gut friendly treats, like coconut jelly sweets, cocoa butter fudge or cake pops .

You will leave with greater awareness of your own gut and a sense of how to tailor food, routines and tonics for your own needs.

You can attend either day, but I would encourage you to come to both days if you can.

Contact me through the contact page if you would like more info. Booking through Plant Hub.


Next Dates coming in the autumn. please enquire for further details.

Plant Hub Happy Gut 2 days - Calm & Thrive

Our Calm day will be all about supporting the digestive system, soothing stress and helping reset the gut microbiome with gentle probiotics. After a gut friendly breakfast, we will learn about the transformative power of fermenting and make rhubarb kvass, ginger radishes and ribbon pickle to take home and safely mature. Lunch will be a soothing ramen bowl with a gut friendly broth and fermented pickles that we’ll put together through the morning. In the afternoon we’ll look at treats and tonics and make some healing coconut treats and a jar of digestive bitters to help support liver function. Through the day we will discuss how to calm and heal an inflamed gut, FODMAPs, when to include probiotics, adaptogens and stress relief.

Our Thrive day will build on the work of the previous day (although you can attend as a stand-alone day) as we look at expanding the gut microbiome with diversity, prebiotics and polyphenol rich food. We’ll start with a plant-based scramble that provides your gut with everything it needs to thrive and can be customised to suit your own needs. We’ll look at how to be more reflective and listen to what your own gut is telling you – there’s so much noise in the world, it can be hard to hear sometimes. Through the morning Naomi will demonstrate some delicious probiotic, prebiotic, polyphenol rich additions to meals that will make them more satisfying and delicious too! We’ll sit down to a flavoursome and diverse lunch, before spending the afternoon making fig sweets and spring kimchi for you to take home and mature. Before you go we’ll round up the day, talk about how to expand your microbiome from wherever you are starting and send you home to start listening to your gut.

Day 1 - Calm

- Stretch out all your joints and breathe deeply before the day begins in earnest.

- Taste   :   Rhubarb and vanilla kvass tasting & kombucha tasting 

-  Make rhubarb kvass

-  Fermented millet & coconut porridge 

-  Vegetable & seaweed broth 

- Ginger radishes and ribbon pickle individually

-  Linseed gomasio with smoked paprika 

- Eat   :   Ramen

- Marshmallow, rose and cardamom jellies


Day 2 - Thrive

- Move all your joints and run on the spot to get your blood pumping.

- Beet Kvas to start the day

- Breakfast of tofu scramble with raw asparagus, radishes, watercress and spring onions.

- Black rice and bean paella

- Labneh with garlic & also one with chives 

- Dressing with raw vinegar, raw honey, mustard, olive oil – talk about live foods.

- Bitter salad leaves with honey dressing

- Garlic nettles, black rice, labneh, kimchi (or ribbon pickle), garnish with a few raw radish slices.

- Fig sweets 

- Spring kimchi kraut

With talks, ideas and nutrition tips through both days.

The Cost For Both Days is £350 and for just one day £175

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