Why Plant Hub & Academy? 


The Plant Hub Is a dynamic new plant based Restaurant and Culinary Academy of East London! Our Aim is To Inspire a passion for plants – through building a community where we can all learn from the most inspiring chefs and foodies to empower the nation with the knowledge to make and enjoy more plant based food.

Our Ethos

Our concept and ethos are simple: we are creating a hub, an incubator, a sharing space and research centre for plant excellence. Using hyper local seasonal ingredients, supporting local producers and connecting with the community. 
We are focussed on teaching good skills, inspiring a connection with food and bringing joy to culinary creativity. 
Our Academy exists alongside a plant based café, restaurant and deli which together form a hub, a social space to eat, share learn and inspire.

Why Plants?

Our population is seeing a huge cultural shift towards a more plant-based lifestyle. People are increasingly conscious of what they eat, how it nurtures their health and the health of our planet. There is huge potential towards eating more plants, but still there is a demand for learning. Right now 3.5 million people in Britain are vegan (compare the market, 2018 survey) and there are many more who identify as vegetarian or simply wanting to live a more plant based lifestyle.
In London this demand is reflected in the thriving scene of plant based restaurants,  plant based menus at chain restaurants, street food markets, dedicated food and lifestyle stores. Staff need to be trained, chefs need plant based inspiration and entrepreneurs need support. The success of these is proof that people are energised, interested and willing to invest in their health through what they put into their bodies.



Having started his blog, Salad pride, about making salads at his desk. At a time whine healthy food was unaccusable David brought his own ingredients into the office to make nutritious lunches. He began a blog about his recipes which turned into an international book called SaladLove.
This love for healthy food led him to open Pride Kitchen café in Covent Garden serving plant powered lunches to the people of Central London.


Having always been obsessed with making food Lauren is now a plant based chef with a passion for nutritious and mesmerising plant food. Lauren has an eye for fine plating, natural ingredients and exciting plant food. Specialising in Raw desserts, styling and new ideas for the plant powered generation.
Having run an aspirational vegan restaurant, Asparagasm, in the Cotswolds for some years she went on to train with Matthew Kenney Culinary and then Lead the PlantLab Barcelona School.


Co-founder Antonio AKA @therainbow_chef is a baking wizard and classically trained chef... having run kitchens for some years and with his culinary background firmly based in his home, Sicily.
So with our knowledge and shared passion we have found the most amazing space in Mare street east London. Our Plant Hub where you can eat plant food, learn new skills and connect with other passionate people.

The Restaurant 

We make food that is organic, plant based and gluten-free, we make it with passion and joy. We believe in food that tastes good and can nourish you as well as entertain you. We try as much as we can to use local and sustainable ingredients.


The Academy

At the Plant Academy our courses focus on the most important topics in the realms of plants taught by Lauren and David alongside classically trained chefs, professional nutritionists and influential plant based thought leaders.
We know from taking many classes ourselves that it’s not just about the learning but about the people you meet. Spending time with others who are equally curious and eager to learn can be life changing. This is an opportunity to create an inclusive community that inspires health, creativity and teaches vital life skills in a dynamic plant powered way.
We can teach up to 16 students at a time offering one to one tuition with course leaders and assistants to support and inspire training.
With classes for new cooks and budding entrepreneurs  to specialist classes for businesses and advanced programs for classically trained chefs this academy is about inspiring the plant based movement and supporting the growing vegan scene.


The Cafe / Bakery 

We passionate about making gluten free baking rich, tasty and as healthy as possible. We create cakes, salad bowls, burgers and our famous focaccia with no gluten, no dairy, less sugar and  a lot of taste.