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Made from Ribolla grapes which have been cultivated in this area for more than a thousand years. While fermenting in Georgian amphorae buried underground, it underwent a long maceration with wild yeasts and no temperature control. After the drawing off and pressing phases the wine was poured back into amphorae for at least five more months before it started aging in large oak barrels, where it was left for six years. Wine is bottled without fining or filtration.



Wine made from grapes grown organically using natural composting techniques and special preparations of herbal sprays while following the astronomical calendar.

Tasting Notes

The wines of Gravner belong in the extreme vain of winemaking even though they use an ancient method of vinification and aging (amphorae) in many of their wines. You'll see the intense yellow color (an orange wine, in fact) of this wine which is indicative of the complex nature of the tannins and fruit. Decant and enjoy with a modest chill.