Plant One

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Plant ONE

This course runs for 5 days, Primary Class on the  Essentials  of Plant Food. Each day will run From 9:30am - 4:30pm offering an in depth exploration on plant food.


1. Vegan Nutrition. Food safety and hygiene. The Raw Pantry.
2. Nut and seed milks, butters, creams and activation.
3. Stocks, sauces and grains.
4. The Art of Vegetables.  Dehydration, dressings and Knife skills.
5. Fermentation. Kombucha, Kefir, Cheese, pickles and sauerkrauts.
6.Gluten free baking
7. Chocolate And Desserts. The Fundamentals of Pasties, creams, cacao and superfoods.
8. Building a plate. Signature dishes and Celebration meal.
Each day we will eat what we make together.

Expect guest lectures from plant pioneers and a library of inspirational tips, techniques and connections.

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This class is aimed at home cooks, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to develop their culinary techniques, nutrition understanding, confidence and wealth of knowledge in the building blocks of plant based food.

Plant One includes field trips, all course material, recipes and Alumni status. The recipes will be slightly different in each country, adapted to local and seasonal ingredients.

At the end of the class you will receive Plant Academy Chefs Certification.

Please see our Plant Academy Chefs site for more information


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