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Molecular gastronomy: cooking techniques

If you are looking for an ordinary cookery class, this is not for you.

If you have a creative mind, do not like cooking rules and are passionate about experimenting in the kitchen our guest teacher David Sanchez will certainly inspire wild ideas in this class.

In this evening workshop you will make a tapas dinner with new ingredients, such as: hydrocolloids, phospholipids, gases & starches. These new techniques will transform the texture of food, creating fun dishes, without missing any flavour. Once you've mastered these, go and create your own ‘molecular tapas‘- simples!

Menu includes: appetisers, tapas dinner, dessert and the first glass of wine is on us.

David Sanchez

The founder of Pencil & Fork Ltd "Learning experiences through food". A chemist certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking.

Working and living in Spain, France, Chile, the US, and the UK, gave him the opportunity of learning from different cultures to explore a passion for food.

This is a different approach of learning using food as the vehicle. In his classes you will learn a topic (Science with molecular gastronomy; Spanish whilst making tapas) at the same time you have a culinary experience.

We are so excited to be working with David to inspire unique culinary ideas ideas using plant based ingredients that really do take food to another level.


29th May : 18:30 - 21:30