Seasonal Salads with the master : David Bez

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Having started his blog, Salad pride, about making salads at his desk. At a time when healthy food was unaccusable David brought his own ingredients into the office to make nutritious lunches. He began a blog about his recipes which turned into an international book called SaladLove.

This love for healthy food led him to open Pride Kitchen café in Covent Garden serving plant powered lunches to the people of Central London.

After some years at his Neals yard café David is one of the Plant Hub founders. Join us for this special experience to make and taste classic dishes With recipes from his bestselling books; salad pride, breakfast love and supper love as well as our favourite dishes served from the kitchen.

Master the art of salad making, building a balanced plate and adding interest to your meals. David will share his tried and tested tips on salad making and we can guarantee your salads will never be the same again!

Expect one sweet and one savoury recipe with a copy of the Salad Pride book.

This is a partially hands on class where you experience plating and food styling. We will be making seasonal salads inspired by local produce with a David Bez twist.

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Tuesday 24th September 6:30 - 9:00

Tuesday 29th October

Warm winter salads 

26th November