Breath and Breakfast

Breath and Breakfast


Tune in this season as we bring you a weekend of winter wellness.

Join us on this sunday morning for a breath class is an invitation to turn toward the light within and refresh yourself from the inside out.  A morning of meditative ideas, breathwork and a nourishing and rejuvenating brunch prepared by the Plant Academy. 


- pranayama breath work and prana foods

- movement

- Soma - energy in food talk and workshop



how to generate extra prana energy with a few simple exercises to help you achieve your aims and accomplish your significant goals, while developing a deeper connection with cosmic life and its powerful transformative forces.


Sunday 1st December  10:30 – 13:30

Share a rejuvenating and restorative meal to nurture your physical body with the right foundational foods, enlivening your cells and promoting true holistic well-being. Understand how to build a diet that will change the nature and function of the body and fully support the rest of your yogic practice.

This workshop will empower individuals to play an active role in their own healing, overcome negative emotions and successfully manage stress in everyday life. Using yoga postures you will learn how to put the body in a state of balance so that you can breathe fully and completely, harnessing the breath of life.

Pranayama can help to:

  • oxygenate the body and brain, increasing the body’s PH-levels, making the environment more alkaline
  • boost the immune system
  • beat stress levels
  • improve sleep
  • naturally increase fertility and overall well-being;
  • increase longevity by slowing your breath rate
  • manage addictive tendencies
  • balance your ayurvedic dosha according to your individual constitution and the changing of the seasons


You will experience:

  • Yoga postures and physical sequences to prepare your body and activate your lungs
  • Effective postures for practicing pranayama and what differences it makes
  • Types and ratios of pranayama for your individual practice
  • The effect it has on our physical, emotional and energetic body.
  • Which foods are most rich in prana life energy
  • How different cooking methods can influence the way food nourishes the body
  • The times of day and atmospheres in which to eat that are best placed to maximise the pranic force within food
  • How to efficiently revitalise and rejuvenate in a short time
  • How to take control of stress and avoid burnout


Dmitry Glazkov has been giving workshops on breathing techniques for over 8 years. He is fascinated with the healing power these techniques offer to humanity. He is a dedicated practitioner himself and is qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga. 


Although pranayama is considered an advanced yogic technique, this workshop is beginner friendly and designed for all levels, as alterations will be given according to the skills and experience of participants. The practice can be adapted for all ages including golden age participants and also for people with mobility considerations.


Created by 'Feed your Mind candy. Inspiring and expressing better mental health through far out food.